General Physiology and Biophysics

Journal General Physiology and Biophysics was founded in 1982 and is published 6 times per year by the:

Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics, Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Indexing: Web of ScienceTM Core Collection, CC/Life Sciences, Science Citation Index, ISI/BIOMED, EMBASE, MEDLINE/PubMed,  SCOPUS

Editor-in-Chief: Ľubica Lacinová

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Eliyahu Dremencov

Editorial Office: Viera Komínková, Eva Krejčíová


Scope of the Journal:

General Physiology and Biophysics is devoted to publication of original research papers in the following areas of general physiology, biophysics and biochemistry at the cellular and molecular level: membrane physiology and biophysics (ion channels, receptors, transporters, protein-lipid interactions, surface phenomena, model membranes), intercellular and intracellular signalling (neurotransmission, endocrine regulations, messengers, secretory mechanisms, regulatory proteins, calcium signalling pathways, nitric oxide), excitability and contractility (neurophysiology, smooth, cardiac and skeletal muscle physiology, excitation-contraction coupling, cellular motility), biophysical analysis of cellular function (bioenergetics, volume regulation, thermodynamics, mathematical models), metabolic regulations (enzymology, ATPases, plant and microbial metabolism), cellular aspects of pharmacology, toxicology and pathology (receptor-drug interaction, the action of drugs and toxins on signalling and regulatory functions, free radicals, lipid peroxidation, ischemic preconditioning, calcium paradox), accounts of advances in relevant techniques and methodology.