Research Infrastructure

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: processing of acutely isolated cells, cell lines and cells of primary cultures, analysis of protein expression at the mRNA level using RT-PCR and qRT-PCR, at the level of protein by immunochemistry and by determining functional manifestation (e.g. enzyme activity), transfection of cells by lipofection and electroporation, UV / VIS spectral analysis, monitoring of chemiluminescent, fluorescent and radioactive signals from planar surfaces

Cell biology: Imaging systems using fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry with fluorescence and resistance detection, transmission electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, STED nanoscopy

Electrophysiological methods: at the molecular level using the BLM method, at the cellular level using the patch clamp method, measurement of physiological activity of neurons in situ in live animals

Computational methods: development of mathematical models, computer simulations of molecular and cellular processes, image analysis.

Detailed information on instrument infrastructure and its use can be found at the sites of Department of Biophysics and Electrophysiology, and Department of Biochemistry and Cytochemistry.