Cell Cultivation

Cytel Cell Imaging System (Amersham) – can be used as a digital microscope, image cytometer, and cell counter. This flexibility simplifies logistics in the laboratory, reducing both the amount of equipment required and the dependence on core imaging facilities and associated expertise.Cytell works with multiwell plates, slides, Petri dishes,and flasks, so you can capture great images from a range of samples. Images and numerical data are saved in standard formats that can be imported into a variety of image analysis and statistical data programs. Four color channels allow you to multiplex up to four fluorescent markers; with spectral optics optimized for commonly used dyes such as Hoechst™, GFP, Cy™3, and Cy5.

In Cell Analyzer 2200 (Amersham) – Super-fast, sensitive, and flexible wide-field cell imaging system for a broad range of high-content assays. With a scientific-grade CMOS camera and bright solid-state light source as standard, IN Cell Analyzer 2200 reduces exposure times and maximizes speed while delivering high-quality images. Confocal-like images can also be obtained using the rapid image restoration options in the control software. IN Cell Analyzer 2200 incorporates intuitive and easy-to-use tools that simplify the imaging process for different sample types and enable a wide range of applications, including compound screening, predictive toxicology, protein localization and trafficking, functional studies, and stem cell analysis.

Neon Transfection System (Invitrogen) – is a second-generation transfection system that uses an electronic pipette tip as a transfection chamber. Electroporation technology that avoided the use of a standard electroporation cuvette and thus achieved exceptional transfection efficiency and high cell viability in difficult to transfect cells.

Cassy TT system with software (Roche) – Easy and fast adaptation to an unlimited number of applications combined with a non-invasive measurement principle, are key features that make the CASY ® Model TT an indispensable tool for cell culture analysis in R&D. Different precision measurement capillaries, together with cell-specific setups, allow for the measurement of all types of mammalian cells, as well as bacteria, yeast, algae, parasites, pollen and sperm. MS-Excel bases data transfer software provides complete documentation and flexible data evaluation to follow the metabolic state of cells during any type of cell culture experiment.

Contact: Mgr. Mário Šereš, PhD.

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