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Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics SAS focuses on the study of molecular principles forming the basis of physiological and pathological phenomena that control cardiac contraction, transmission of neuronal excitation, and the reaction of neoplastic cells to chemotherapy. Their common denominator are processes controlled by transport of ions and substances through cell membranes.

The aim of our research is to understand regulation of cellular transport systems at the level of molecules and in relation to cellular architecture and cellular energetics. We strive to elucidate their function in the healthy organism, as well as in neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases, cardiac diseases and in multidrug resistance of neoplastic cells.

The Institute is an accredited external educational organization for the doctoral degree of university education in three fields of science – 4.2.10-Animal Physiology, 4.1.22-Biochemistry and 4.1.12-Biophysics. The researchers of the Institute teach at several faculties of Comenius University and Slovak Technical University and they lead students preparing baccalaureate and master’s/engineering theses.

The researchers of the Institute develop wide collaborations with research institutions in Slovakia and abroad. They participate in national and international consortia within various grant schemes. Examples of previous such activities are the international projects EUGeneHeart, CONTICA and CavNET and participation in the Centre of Excellence Biomembranes of the program VVCE of the Slovak Research and Development Agency.