The mission of the Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics SAS (IMPG SAS) is to establish conditions for the development of physiological research. IMPG SAS focuses on investigation of the molecular basis of elementary physiological functions. In line with the thematic priorities of the EU program Horizon2020 and with the Long-Term Development Intentions – SAS 2020, research teams of IMPG SAS focus on solving specific aspects of cardiovascular, neurological, and oncological disorders. Within the RIS3 strategy, the institute performs basic and applied research specialized in biomedicine and biotechnology.

IMPG SAS advances knowledge and education in the field of cellular signaling functions at the level of membranes, ion channels, transport proteins and receptors. By its orientation on molecular processes, IMPG SAS is an important part of physiological research in Slovakia, into which it brings the outlook from the basic structural level. We consider this the central principle for further development of IMPG SAS.

At present the research program of IMPG SAS consists of the following topics:

Molecular principles of elementary physiological functions – transport systems of excitable tissues; cellular architecture in relation to transport and energetic functions of the cell; interaction of xenobiotics with healthy and neoplastic cells and tissues

Molecular mechanisms of lifestyle diseases and genetic disorders – the role of ion channels in neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases; calcium signaling malfunction in cardiac diseases; multidrug resistance in neoplastic cells; cellular stress in lifestyle diseases