Biomembranes: structure and dynamics of biological membranes related to the cell functions        


Principal Investigator: Ivan Hapala
Principal investigator at IMPG SAS: Ľubica Lacinová

Duration: July 2008 – June 2011
Coordinating Organization: Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Genetics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak Republic


VVCE project BIOMEMBRANES is aimed at establishing a functional network of research laboratories showing excellence in specific areas of membrane research. The study of membranes as a dynamic system and their functions essential for the existence of cells and organisms will be the integrative element in the CE. The activities will be focused on the support of cooperation between member laboratories in the study of roles of membranes in the etiology of cardiovascular and transmissive diseases, neurological disorders and diabetes, as well as in some biotechnologies, such as production of transgenic animals, production of biofuels, or designing of biosensors. Sharing advanced methods and equipment available in individual laboratories will represent a significant integrative aspect of CE. Center will provide a platform for joint project applications and for the integration of Slovak laboratories into international projects. An important aim of the project will be improved training of PhD students and young scientists for the career in membrane research. To increase the attractiveness of Slovak membrane research for young people, CE will provide better social and professional conditions for this target group. Considering the important role of membranes in medicine and in several biotechnological processes, CE will serve as an informational and methodological center open for all institutions involved in biomedical, agricultural and biotechnological research.


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