VEGA 2/0195/10

Regulation of the gating of the T-type calcium channel        


Principal Investigator: Ľubica Lacinová

Duration: January 2010 – December 2012
Coordinating Organization: Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics SAS, Bratislava


Enhanced activity of low-voltage-activated (LVA) calcium channels is involved in pathology of several neurological diseases including childhood absence epilepsy. These channels are distinguished from high-voltage-activated calcium channels by low activation threshold, fast kinetics of activation and inactivation and slow deactivation. We will concentrate on identification of structural determinants of specific gating properties of the CaV3.1 channel, representative of LVA channels. For this aim we will construct series of channel mutants targeting putative interaction site between the channel voltage sensor and the channel conductive pore. Further, we will analyse role of regions in which single nucleotide polymorphism for childhood absence epilepsy were reported. Based on our results functional model of the CaV3.1 channel gating will be developed.


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