Cena Federácie európskych fyziologických spoločností, 2017

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bola udelená vo Viedni 13. -15 septembra 2017

RNDr. Lucii Moravčíkovej (rod. Lapínová)

za najlepšiu prednášku na European Young Physiologists’ Symposium v rámci kongresu FEPS 2017 – JOINT MEETING OF THE FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN PHYSIOLOGICAL SOCIETIES AND THE AUSTRIAN PHYSIOLOGICAL SOCIETY WITH PARTICIPATION OF THE CZECH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, SLOVAK, SLOVENIAN, SWISS AND TURKISH PHYSIOLOGICAL SOCIETIES, ktorý sa konal 13.-15. septembra 2017 vo Viedni. Lucia Moravčíková predstavila svoje výsledky v prednáške s názvom:

Different modulation of ion currents in hippocampal pyramidal neurons and NG108-15 cell line by delta opioid receptor antagonist naltrindole

autorov: L Lapínová, E Dremencov, Ľ Lacinová

Naltrindole (NTI) represents a highly potent, selective non-peptide antagonist of delta opioid receptors (DOR). Part of its effects on neuronal excitability may be mediated by an effect on activity of voltage dependent ion currents. We compared effect of an acute application of NTI on ion currents in rat hippocampal pyramidal neurons, which express all subtypes of opioid receptors, and differentiated NG108-15 cells, which predominantly express DOR.
Hippocampal neurons were isolated from newborn Wistar rats and maintained in a primary culture up to two weeks. Measurements were done at Day 9-12 in vitro. Differentiation of NG108-15 cells cultured in a serum-free Dulbecco“s modified Eagle“s medium was induced by an addition of 1 mM dbcAMP, and 1x N2 supplement for 7-11 days. Ion currents were measured by a whole-cell patch clamp. Concentration of NTI was 10 µM.
NTI significantly inhibited sodium current in hippocampal neurons but did not affect it in NG108-15 cells. Similarly, calcium currents were inhibited in hippocampal neurons but not in NG108-15 cells. In contrast, NTI significantly inhibited both transient and sustained potassium current in NG108-15 cells. In hippocampal neurons, inhibition of potassium currents was less prominent and was not statistically significant. Inhibition of individual ion currents developed slowly allowing us to presume that it was mediated by activation of intracellular signaling pathway rather that by direct interaction of NTI with the channel protein.
In conclusion, inhibitory effects of NTI in hippocampal neurons and in NG108-15 cells are complementary suggesting that they may be mediated through different signaling pathways including an interaction with different subtypes of opioid receptors.

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